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We specialize in all inclusive rental services of freely chosen Apple products for the corporate customers.


You might ask why to prefer renting before buying products? If you choose to rent, there will be no need for a high initial investment in computer equipment. Cots that are awaiting you when using the rental are fully and immediately deductible from taxes. In addition you avoid complicated administration with registration and depreciation. At the end of the rental you do not have to deal with the disposal of the products or the sale because the selected products remain in the MISE ownership for the duration of the rental. 

With the conditions we offer, rental is the easiest and the fastest way to use Apple products for employees in your business.



  • PERFECT SERVICE In the standard offer, we will replace the damaged or broken product within three business days, for the “Next Business Day” service we replace the device within the next day;
  • FLEXIBLE RENTAL PERIOD  – You can arrange a rental for 2 years by default, if you would prefer different lenghts of rental, we will prepare an offer tailored to the needs of your company;
  • WE OFFER TO BUY YOUR EXISTING EQUIPMENT – Do you find yourself in a situation where you would like to buy new Apple products, but you don’t know what to do with your existing older equipment? Don’t worry – we’ll buy it from you;
  • PRODUCT MANAGEMENT – We can tailor selected Apple products to your needs and requests via Mobile Device Management service;
  • INTEGRATION TO YOUR CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT – If you are interested, we will design and implement the integration of selected Apple devices into your existing IT environment. We offer this service based on our years of experience.
  • INSURANCE OF INCIDENTAL DAMAGE OR THEFT – We highly recommend the insurance to minimalize service and repair cost in the event of fall, impact, spills, theft etc. in the future.



Some of the generally known arguments for Apple may help with your decision:

  • MAXIMUM SAFETY Apple product security is significantly higher comparing to the same category of products of other vendors. Security and privacy is provided as a standard from the time you turn on your Apple device.
  • PROCESSING AND DESIGN – Elegant design with a sense of detail for all Apple products does not need to be be introduced. Mac laptops are incredibly thin and light and yet durable that it will last for years. iMac offers a revolutionary desktop concept that has a display, processor, storage, memory and all the other components in a single elegant cabinet. iPhone is also one of the most durable yet elegant products.
  • UNIQUENESS – Apple’s success lies on 5 pillars: Quality, uniqueness, reliability, innovation and interplay between hardware and software.



What if I damage my computer?
If the reported event falls under the extended warranty, the computer will be replaced within 3 days. You will get new one of the same parameters. It is, however, necessary to contact the MISE representative immediately after this event.
What to do in case of broken product?
We will replace the product within 3 days.
My equipment was stolen/accidently damaged.
Devices are insured. Beware, the extended warranty does not apply for example in the event of car theft or deliberate damage (for example, when you are throwing a computer on the ground). During the theft, you should also not have reduced attention, for example, by the influence of alcohol. You can only claim one event for the duration of the contract. Please read the detailed terms and conditions carefully.
How do I pay for the rent?
 You pay the first payment before starting to use the product or product package, each one then always regularly monthly in advance. 
Can I buy the leased product from you?
 The products used for the rental can not be bought by the leaseholder. This option is excluded from the nature of the offered rental service. .





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