MAC – power to the pro.

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Mac mini       Pro Display XDR




Mac is easy to use, secure, and powerful. It comes with a suite of beautifully designed apps to boost your productivity and creativity. It’s made to work with iPhone and iPad in ways no other computer can. And because Apple builds its software and hardware together, Mac delivers the best possible experience.


Built to be better

Mac notebooks are designed to be incredibly thin and light, yet durable enough to last year after year. Filled with technical innovations like Touch Bar, Mac’s hardware and software are made specifically for each other, so everything works together seamlessly.


Apps for everything

Mac comes with great creativity and productivity apps built in, so you can create documents, presentations, and movies as well as surf the web, send messages, take notes, manage your calendar, and much more. And of course, Microsoft Office works beautifully on a Mac.


Made for iPhone. And vice versa

If you use an iPhone, you will love what you can do on a Mac. Make and receive iPhone calls on your Mac, as well as send and receive Messages. Start an email, document, or browsing session on one Apple device and pick it up on another. And iCloud keeps all your photos, music, and more up to date and in sync across your Mac and iOS devices.


Privacy and security

At Apple, your trust means everything. Which is why security and privacy are the first thought, not an afterthought. Products and services are designed to keep your information safe, so you can focus on your daily life without any worry.


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Why will you love MAC



“I want a new computer, but moving files is a hassle.”
Moving files and setting up Mac is quick and easy


  • Migration Assistant automatically copies documents, pictures, and videos from another Mac or PC. So customers never have to worry about losing important files or photo albums when moving to a new Mac.
  • Customers just need to turn on their new Mac to begin the setup process. With Setup Assistant, customers with an Apple ID can automatically set up Notes, Contacts, Calendar and even transfer iTunes purchases. And customers without an Apple ID can create one easily.


“I’m considering Mac, but I need Microsoft Office for work.”
Mac works great with other apps


  • Customers who use Microsoft Office will love using it on Mac. Popular apps like Office and Adobe Photoshop also have versions that are designed to take advantage of the latest Mac features. And customers can find many other great apps they need right in the Mac App Store.
  • Mac supports file formats and email accounts customers already use, including Microsoft Exchange. And with the great built-in apps on Mac, customers can view common file types like Office documents, PDFs, images, text files, MP3s, videos, ZIP files, and more.






“I need a new laptop, but my last PC got a virus.”
It’s easy to protect Mac


  • macOS checks for new security updates every day, so customers always have the latest and safest version.
  • macOS comes with features to make Mac more secure. Gatekeeper protects customers from installing malicious software. And FileVault 2 encrypts customers’ data, so it stays safe and secure.




“I love my iPhone, but I’ve never owned a Mac before.”
Mac will feel familiar—and works great with iPhone


  • Many iOS features and apps, like Siri, Photos, and Mail, are similar on Mac, so it’s easy to get started. And with iCloud, customers will always have access to the files they want, no matter what device they’re on.
  • Apple devices work seamlessly together. With features like Handoff or Universal Clipboard, customers can even start something on their iPhone and continue it on their Mac. So it’s easy for customers to move between devices without losing focus on what they’re doing.